Friday, December 10, 2010

Way Too Many Visits To Kaiser Lately...

If I don't win the Kaiser Permanente "Patient of the Year" award I am going to be a little disappointed.

Long Version:
I get home from work, love up the puppies, hassle Murphy, wash the dishes and I was moving on to the drying portion of my dish doing process. I was holding a wine glass...the base in my left hand and I was drying the outside of the bowl with my right hand aaaaaand *SNAP* the stem cracks in half, stabs me in the meaty portion of left thumb and slices straight up. Wine glass hits the floor and shatters...Awesome. Super clean cut and deep to match. Wrapped it in a paper towel and applied pressure with some electrical the bleeding to stop. Grabbed my stuff and cruised into Kaiser @ 8pm...Had all of the normal mix-ups and flubs that always seem to happen with Kaiser. It's never really the actual work they do, it's more of the administrative mix-ups and people not really listening to what you are telling them. Soooo...5 hours, a nerve block, local anesthesia, 4 stitches, a ton of gauze and I was on my way. I have had more nerve blocks and stitches in the past 5 weeks then I have ever had in all my years.

Not at all how I had envisioned my Thursday evening.

Short Version:
Cut my thumb got 4 stitches...Sucked.

Numbed and Bleeding...

Football Thumb...

Gauze Thumbs Up...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Knee Surgery Update....

UPDATE: Moved the text up here just in case some of you wanted to read about my update and not see the photos...Here you go...

Made the trek down to Kaiser Permanente Travelodge offices this morning for a follow up appointment with my surgeon's AP. She was very happy with my progress. Took some measurements asked some questions and sent me on my way with a gold star on my progress chart. Asked if I had any questions and then said...Oh wait...I almost forgot the best part...And handed me these printouts. Pretty crazy stuff! Don't get old kids...don't get old.

IMG_001 - Patellofemoral joint
IMG_002 - Osteophyte lateral femoral condyle (Bone spur)
IMG_003 - Partial medial meniscus (MCL) tear
IMG_004 - Partial medial meniscus (MCL) tear
IMG_005 - Torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
IMG_006 - Excessive early joint wear (Arthritis) on the tibial plateau
IMG_007 - Partial lateral meniscus tear
IMG_008 - Partial lateral meniscus tear
IMG_009 - Cleaned up tissue from the lateral meniscus tear
IMG_010 - Allograft ACL (Donor Tendon) in Knee Bent
IMG_011 - Allograft ACL (Donor Tendon) in Knee Straight

Made the trek down to Kaiser Permanente Travelodge offices this morning for a follow up appointment with my surgeon's AP. She was very happy with my progress. Took some measurements asked some questions and sent me on my way with a gold star on my progress chart. Asked if I had any questions and then said...Oh wait...I almost forgot the best part...And handed me these printouts. Pretty crazy stuff! Don't get old kids...don't get old.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Whiskey...

Our little pup turned one today! She cruised into work with me today...SO EXCITED! I thought that was the happiest I have ever seen a dog. Until I took Whiskey home at lunch...and Lucy was the happiest pup I have ever seen...So glad to see her sister. I gotta make sure I get those two apart more.

I promise a new photo of her on her birthday...tonight. Check back.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Introducing Holland Oats Pierce...

The biggest, cutest, chubbiest baby cheeks you'll ever see! Kerry and Martin had their beautiful baby girl on Thanksgiving day. 8lbs. 4oz. and 20 inches long. Everyone is healthy and home safe and sound. Congrats guys!

Corvette Diner...

Joey, Anette, Austin and Maddy came out to San Diego for some Turkey Day celebrating. While they were here we went and checked out Corvette Diner's new location in Liberty Station. Played some games in the arcade...Meggy scored big on one spin of the huge wheel-o-tickets...And Maddy cleaned house at the gift shop, with all kinds of sweet arcade schwag. Great to see you guys!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wiggle Worm...

Last weekend we had dinner with Mr. Christoper Lewis Clan @ California Thai Cafe...One of our favorite spots! California Thai Pasta...Do it...You won't regret it. Madeline is sooo damn cute!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Laid Up w/Company...

Surgery went smooth. I stressed all the way up to the moment of them knocking me out. All in all it wasn't too bad. I had some problems getting comfortable and some solid pain the first night. After that I just kept myself Medicated, Elevated and Iced. The leg photos are from 2 days after the surgery...Swollen and sore. The swelling has gone down and my stitches are out. Healing up very nicely. I also had my first visit with the Physical Therapist...He was impressed with my range of motion...come to think of it so far with all of my post-op visits everyone has been very impressed with my progress...I am taking that as a good sign. I am off of crutches and back to work as of today(Monday).

As you can see the Girls and Murphy did a great job of keeping me company during the day.

Andrea and Murphy have taken their next step in their relationship...they are now friends.

Megan was a freaking superstar!!!! I lover you, Mama! I couldn't of done it without you! Best nurse ever!

And THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone else that cruised by, brought me food, called, emailed, txt'd. Thanks for all the support guys! I have a great group of friends and family! I felt the love for sure....and I appreciate it!

Next PT goal is to have the leg lay perfectly flat on the ground and be able to bend the leg to a perfect 90 degrees...right now I am about an inch away from being flat on the ground and my 90 is about a 65. Sticking with my stretches...Trying to make this as smooth and as painless as a transition as I can.

I can't believe it is November 22nd...Holy crap...When did that happen?!?!

Grace & The Mt. Helix Marching Band...

Mira Mesa High was hosting a Marching Band competition a few weeks back. We were already planning on checking it out...and then we found out Meggy's cousin Grace was going to be there competing...So we locked in the plans. We walked over to the ol Mira Mesa High Football field and watched a few of San Diego County's High School Marching Bands do their thing. It was really cool to check out...Kind of funny to be a fly on the wall and be in attendance with an event like that...and not actually be involved...So much work/effort/coordination going down. I am not too sure the results of the competition...Grace's school Mt. Helix did a great job. We got a quick chance as we were leaving to say hi to Grace and to congratulate her on a job well done. Then we were off to devour sushi. Great job, Grace!


Got motivated and finally built a small light tent so I can mess around with some macro photography...I had seen this tutorial online for a while now and I finally got the bug to give it a go. I bought a better light to get that box glowing. I'll have to post some examples soon.

My pumpkin....Did a little carving on the teeth. I think next year I might have to give a solid attempt at some detailed pumpkin carving...Maybe.

Zoe...My parents pup. She is the whole reason Meggy fell in love with Miniature Aussies. Technically it looks like Whiskey is considered a Toy Aussie. Lucy will be in the Miniature size department. We saw a couple of handsome Standard Aussies at the dog park...It would be funny to have all three sizes.

My babies taking a nap. Lucy is the biggest cuddler you'll ever meet. She is all about getting loved up and dishing out the kisses.

Chris and I paired up for the last golf outing. He spotted this ball that was OB and retrieved it. It definitely wasn't his...he was just doing his part for the environment.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

REIGNSonerlandia's Quotes of the Past few Weeksish...

"It's not love if it's not violent." - Mary

"It's not like they have f@*king thumbs...they have f@*king hooves!" - Me

"I will double...I will double kidney punch your ass all the way to Timbuktu!" - Megan

"I'd eat the shit out of a grilled Jesus...I want you inside of me." - James

"If the cake isn't chocolate...Karate chop it!" - Megan & Rosie

I have been taking notes...buuuut...Slacking on updating the Quotes of the Weekish. Slacking on the whole blog for that matter...Sorry folks. I am sure next weeks post will be way more exciting...Me all drugged up on the couch with me knee elevated. Don't get old, Kids...Don't get old.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Twisted Metal...

After our yearly company meeting we had a little preview of up and coming games set up across the street. Cruised over saw all the folks that I never get to see any more...peeped a few new titles that are to be released soon and some not so soon. Grabbed a cookie and took a few photos in front of Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck. Funny thing about Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck...Twisted Metal 4 was the second video game intro I worked on. The first...Jet Moto 3. I am feeling like that was around the end of 1999 or early 2000. Working @ VSI contracted by 989 Studios...At the time 989 seemed like such a long shot to actually work for 989 Studios.

Low and behold a few years down the road I eventually started working @ 989...not quite the long shot I thought it was. Been here seven freaking years...CRAZY! My 8 year anniversary is coming up in February...When I stared I thought I'd be here 3 years max and on to the next thing. Crazy how things work out.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Twenty Pounder...

Lucy went into the Vet today to get her last set of vaccines. Everything checks out...Just a rabies shot next week and she will be dog park capable. The ol girl packed on 4 lbs. since her last visit...One month ago. She is super sweet at the vet...doesn't leave my side. Everyone there always comments about how mellow and calm she is...If they could only see her running around terrorizing Whiskey in our backyard.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photo Drop...

Meggy & Summer @ Ebisu...

Meggy, fancy hand jive & a dirty martini @ Ebisu...

Coronado Bridge...

Anyone remember this place?

Fresh out of the bath. Shaking with her brown paw...Ready for treats...

Kitty cat...Always looking for trouble...

Queen in the Castle, Queen in the Castle, I have a chair! Go do dis, go do dis, Queen in the Castle.

Murphy showing Lucy who the boss is...This is my water, Punk!

Aaaand Murphy's softer side...Cuddled up with Dad. He'd be pissed if he saw this photos...Good thing he doesn't have the interwebs.