Thursday, November 4, 2010

REIGNSonerlandia's Quotes of the Past few Weeksish...

"It's not love if it's not violent." - Mary

"It's not like they have f@*king thumbs...they have f@*king hooves!" - Me

"I will double...I will double kidney punch your ass all the way to Timbuktu!" - Megan

"I'd eat the shit out of a grilled Jesus...I want you inside of me." - James

"If the cake isn't chocolate...Karate chop it!" - Megan & Rosie

I have been taking notes...buuuut...Slacking on updating the Quotes of the Weekish. Slacking on the whole blog for that matter...Sorry folks. I am sure next weeks post will be way more exciting...Me all drugged up on the couch with me knee elevated. Don't get old, Kids...Don't get old.

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