Friday, March 18, 2011

GNRS 2011...

I have been sitting on these for a while now...since January 29th...Lagging.

Great freaking day! Joe and I cruised up to Pomona for the Grand National Roadster show. This show creeps up in the beginning of the year every year...and I always miss it...Not this year, folks.

We met up with Ron, Alan and Rick. They had brought down two of Alan's cars from the Central Valley...The debut of his Chrysler Imperial "The Crown Imperial" and his Barris Custom 1966 Buick Wildcat "Mystique". I can't say enough about the hospitality of these guys...totally awesome! Thanks again, guys!

We were allowed to enter the show before the general public as we flew in under Alan's exhibitor badges. Cruising around first thing in the morning with hundreds of AMAZING vehicles with hardly anyone around...AWESOME!

For lunch Alan hooked us up with tickets to join him at the GNRS Hall of Fame luncheon...Tons of the top car customizers throughout the years and their families all in one room and some how I was allowed to be in the middle of it...Super cool experience! So many big names it was cool...George Barris, Sam and Chip Foose, Bill Hines, Blackie Gejeian, Gene name a few. Jimmie Vaughan was nominated into the GNRS Hall of Fame and after his acceptance speech he busted out his guitar and belted out one of his songs...really freaking cool...great experience!

After that we we took in the rest of the show and then hit the road. Great day...Great show...I highly recommend it!

Thanks again to Ron, Alan and Rick for the hospitality! You guys are awesome!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

May your Irish eyes be squinty...And your corned beef a plenty!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our second corned beef of the day is in the crock pot as I type...can't wait! I smell corned beef tacos in my very near future. Mmmmmmmmmmm...

St. Patrick's Day Parade..

It's that time of year again!