Friday, January 30, 2009

Work, Work, Work...Busy, Busy, Busy...

Is it lunchtime? People were giving me crap about this post...I really was busy today...I just took a few breaks to wake up the brain.

Orchids, Cats & Stuffed Animals...

REIGNSonerlandia is officially now the Worlds Toughest Blog!

Watering my plants and saying good bye to Murph this morning.

Dodgeball Playoffs...

Meggy's team was in the playoffs at the OB Rec Center lastnight...Packed house didn't get to snap a whole lot of photos but I got a few. They lost...the team they lost to went on to win it all.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Views of The Tidewater...

A view of the Ceiling.

A view of Ryan doing what he does best and Steve supervising...For safety.

A view up Angry Joe's nose.

A view from the Urinal.

I tried to call out Ryan on a dollar bill that read something to the effect of, "We did it in the Captain's Cabin - S.D. + R.V." Pretty suspicious if you ask me.

Monday Night Murphy...

Murph doing what Murph does on Monday nights. He also invited himself in for a little exploring tonight in our downstairs neighbors place (Joe and Veronica). Just roamed around checked it all out then got spooked and took off out of there like a banshee with a tail that looked like a bottle brush. Then he tried to play it all off like everything was cool once he got to the comfort of his own stairs.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Steve is starting a blog...Inconsteveble He started it about 15 miutes ago. Check back soon...he'll update it. For those of you who don't know Steve he is the one in the photo, drinking beer, wearing grey.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reflecting Upon Old School Movie Night...

Thanks to everyone who made it! I'd say it was a one looked like they left hungry. A few people even got a nap in. Great film...sooo many great quotes, so many amazing Harley mesh hats. Sounds like February will be at Chris and Nicki's in Mira Mesa. Evite, Directions, Movie and Menu to follow soon. I heard rumors of Gleaming the Cube...I also heard rumors about a vote for the movie. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for making it out! Yummm fish sticks!

Monday, January 19, 2009


We had a plan for today...Wake up early, Eat Breakfast, Do Laundry, Go for a Bike ride or a hike, Lamp shopping and Best Buy. We woke up late, ate breakfast, played video games, showered and went lamp shopping at Ikea(Bad Idea). Lamps Plus is by The High Dive...great call Megan! Had an amazing Lunch, a few(understatement) cocktails and a few shots from the "Jameson Fairy." In between Jameson shots and cocktails Megan shared a special moment with me, "Raphael is my favorite ninja turtle he was all quiet and mad and he wore red." Well primed and ready for more lamp shopping we hit Lamps Plus with no luck. Now @ Best Buy...I say, "Wait let's see if they have Big Trouble In Little China on Blu-Ray." She says, "Fuck that we aren't buying that crap on Blu-Ray it's not worth it...Holy CRAP Dirty Dancing on Blu-Ray...We're buying it!" Mhmm...totally worth it...hahahha...and while we were there we looked for other potential Old School Movie candidates...which you see featured here. Soooo...Laundry and Exercise went by the wayside..hey you can't win them all. Looking fwd to Wednesday! Don't let the $6.99 price tag fool you!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mr. John Lewis 70th B-Day Bash...

Great party...Great food...Awesome friends! Happy Birthday Mr. Lewis! Some how I managed to not take any photos of the beer pong table in action...I'm a Dumbass!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beer Pong Table...

For Mr. John Lewis' b-day bash this weekend.

I forgot to take the before photo so this is step two..Painted black.

Taped off ready for an image.

The mighty projector that did aight.

Cut out and getting there.

My trusty cut out assistants...CL Smooth, CL Smoothier, and Derrick the CL Smoothiest.

White base coat and gold.

All done...could probably use a coat of clear...Looks good though! Thanks Garrett for bringing the muscle and the tape removal skills.

Big A*s F*#king Shoes...

Sooo Jim Brown gives me a call last night and I said...Have I sent you a link to my blog and then he was like all no...No way you have a blog? I have a blog...and I was like totally I have a blog...and then I was like...Whoa no way what is your blog address? Okay it didn't really go down like that...close but not exactally like that. Here's a link Jim Brown's Blog and I added him to the "Blogitos de mis Amigos." Enjoy!

Great to talk to you man! It's crazy how much shit changes...For about 2 years...6 years ago I saw Jim about 20 hours a day 7 days a week...that's not really an exageration. Now I see him about once a year. Crazy. Fucking awesome guy...great friend...I definitally miss you buddy! We used to speak to eachother in drunken mumbles now we say things like..."How far along is she?" and "It has been a pleasure speaking with you." I lied about the second one. He and Wendy have a little girl on the way...due in May. Chase looks like he's getting big...looks like a Jim Mini Me...Trouble. Jim changed jobs working for a small little animation studio...most of you probably haven't heard of...Industrial Light and Magic. Stoked for you Jim...glad to hear things are going good...fucking awesome!

Aaand just because I think Jim would appreciate this...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunday Drawings...

"Is that a squid? With a nut sack?" Not very appropriate but damn funny. First Joe wrote down what he wanted to order next because he kept forgetting he wanted to change flavors. Then Summer drew a pickle, Joe crossed it out and added antennae to it, then Megan drew a Stegosaurus or is it Stegasaurus?!?!?...her favorite dinosaur. Then I drew a penis on it and it all went down hill from there...Hahahaha.

Note: Summer's akward drawing stance. As I was taking the photo she rotated and said I don't want it just to be a picture of my clevage I saw the way your dad takes photos. Way to make that lasting impression Pops...Hahaha!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nicki's B-Day Dinner...aaaand...

A Marriage Proposal...Fantastic B-Day dinner with a bit of a surprise on the birthday read...Nicki Donadio Will You Marry Me? She said yes. Congrats guys! Super stoked for you two!!!!