Monday, November 22, 2010

Grace & The Mt. Helix Marching Band...

Mira Mesa High was hosting a Marching Band competition a few weeks back. We were already planning on checking it out...and then we found out Meggy's cousin Grace was going to be there competing...So we locked in the plans. We walked over to the ol Mira Mesa High Football field and watched a few of San Diego County's High School Marching Bands do their thing. It was really cool to check out...Kind of funny to be a fly on the wall and be in attendance with an event like that...and not actually be involved...So much work/effort/coordination going down. I am not too sure the results of the competition...Grace's school Mt. Helix did a great job. We got a quick chance as we were leaving to say hi to Grace and to congratulate her on a job well done. Then we were off to devour sushi. Great job, Grace!

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