Monday, February 28, 2011

Bug Update...Number Sixteen...

One headlight to go.

As of late I have gained a few new hobbies, a few new financial obligations and a few more dumb grown-up responsibilities which have halted the finalizing or at least roadworthy-ing up of the bug. I am so ready just to be able to cruise this damn car.

The new wiring harness showed up last did the new headlight buckets.

I am proud to say...Operation: Finish This Dumb Car...Is in half swing...almost 3/4 swing. I'll keep you posted when it is in full swing.

Finish up the hood seal
Install the new hood release cable
Install new dash and dash components
Front passenger turn signal
Re-Wire with the new wiring harness
Slap the pedals back in
@ this point it'll be roadworthy-ish

New seat covers and padding
Finish the carpet in front half of the car
Bambus package tray
New steering wheel
New tires
New wheels or a powder coat to the oldies
New rear passenger trim - I dented the last one with an ice chest
@ this point it'll be roadworthy-ish and looking complete

Narrowed front beam
New brakes...Discs maybe
Engine rebuild/freshen up
Transmission rebuild/freshen up
@ this point...totally roadworthy...totally finished

Still quite a bit of work ahead...but not too much.

Oh yea...and the trailer...

Wine Tasting...

For St. Valentine's Day Megan purchased us a little wine tasting rendezvous up to Temecula. She had also swindled Joe and Summer into joining us...and we cashed it in this past weekend.

There were a few hiccups with the tour:

Instead of a tour bus that seated 40 they showed up with a shotty party bus w/stripper pole that probably legally sat 24 or so people. The tour coordinator made up for that one by driving people up and back in his own car and picking up the tab for tastings at the last two wineries...Solid move on his part.

The trip home we ALMOST made it all of the way back to our destination...luckily for us our bus driver(Mr. Personality, himself! This was sarcasm) pushed our smoking bus hard enough to get us off of the freeway and within a few blocks of our cars. Aaaaand by smoking bus I don't mean a bus you smoke in...or like a super sweet bus that is smoking hot...I mean like a bus that is on fire...Smoking bus. It could have been much worse...we could have been stuck on the side of the freeway. Like another wine group I know of. But all in all I'd say it worked out pretty well.

It was a pretty solid day...we hit up 4 wineries...All of them new to me...Briar Rose, Callaway, Churon and Stuart Cellars. It was raining off and on but we seemed to make it around without getting too wet and just wetting our whistles.

Thank you Meggy!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Someone spilled their oats in the parking lot @ work. I immediately imagined the person spilling them and yelling, "Nooooooooooooooooooats!" Damn you Reddit. Maybe I will post this...probably not...It might just be funny to me. Who knows?

If you haven't heard of Reddit...Do NOT look it up...It will consume you. Don't get me wrong...It is HILARIOUS and occasionally can be helpful and or informative. But mostly just a huge time consumer. An extremely hilarious huge time consumer. Hilarious! Did I mention that it is hilarious?

Guess Who's Four...

I will give you a hint...

He is orange and full of trouble...and it's not Martin.

It's Murphy...4 years old today!

Happy Birthday, Murphs!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hess Brewing...

Saturday afternoon we stopped in to check out the Hess Brewing facilities. Which was not as easy to find as it first seemed...the 15 minutes of torrential downpour as soon as we started to get close definitely wasn't helping. San Diego's first licensed nano-brewery...Small hand-crafted batches...51 Gallons each batch. I didn't retain that knowledge...I grabbed it off their website. For $10 you get 4 larger tastings in a Hess Glass that you get to take home. We had Claritas @ 5.8% ABV(Kolsch), Grazias @ 6.3% ABV(Vienna Cream Ale), Intrepidus @ 8.5% ABV(IPA) and Ex Umbris @ 9.8 ABV (Stout). The last two were a kick in the teeth...a very enjoyable kick in the teeth. I would have to say so far the Claritas was my favorite. I am ready to give them all another try just to double check. Mmmmmm beer.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Warm Laps...

We already knew that Whiskey loves Uncle Joe and Auntie Summer...Apparently Murphy wanted in on that action too.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Disc Golfing...

I have been getting constant emails, text messages and phone calls inquiring about the outcome of the third outing of disc golf versus Martin Amadeus Pierce and myself. I thought the highlights would have ran on SportCenter by now. Just in case you haven't seen it...Here are the results:

Neil - 3
Martin - 0

Now back to the previously scheduled blog post...

Martin rallied us for some disc golf @ Morley Field before the Superbowl...Beautiful day out! I learned a lot of things. Here are a few of them:

Sunscreen is your friend.

A Technics record bag will transport beers amazingly.

Damien is a disc golf shark. They are currently making a movie about his life in the world of disc golf...It has the exact same story line as "White Men Can't Jump".

James makes the same weird balance hand when he skates and when he throws a disc.

Hair-Of-The-Dog helps, and then it hurts. I had already known this...just confirming my previous discoveries.

Joe may not be left handed...or right handed.

James tried a hippy throw the first time without even a warm-up swing and he nailed it...proving that James in fact is a hippy.

Martin is still the only person I have met that is like Martin.

I am really starting to enjoy disc is an all around great day of being outside, drinking beer and talking shit to your buddies. Very similar to regular golf at a fraction of the price and if you don't shower it some how it magically increases your ability to play disc golf.