Thursday, October 28, 2010

Twisted Metal...

After our yearly company meeting we had a little preview of up and coming games set up across the street. Cruised over saw all the folks that I never get to see any more...peeped a few new titles that are to be released soon and some not so soon. Grabbed a cookie and took a few photos in front of Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck. Funny thing about Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck...Twisted Metal 4 was the second video game intro I worked on. The first...Jet Moto 3. I am feeling like that was around the end of 1999 or early 2000. Working @ VSI contracted by 989 Studios...At the time 989 seemed like such a long shot to actually work for 989 Studios.

Low and behold a few years down the road I eventually started working @ 989...not quite the long shot I thought it was. Been here seven freaking years...CRAZY! My 8 year anniversary is coming up in February...When I stared I thought I'd be here 3 years max and on to the next thing. Crazy how things work out.

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