Monday, November 22, 2010


Got motivated and finally built a small light tent so I can mess around with some macro photography...I had seen this tutorial online for a while now and I finally got the bug to give it a go. I bought a better light to get that box glowing. I'll have to post some examples soon.

My pumpkin....Did a little carving on the teeth. I think next year I might have to give a solid attempt at some detailed pumpkin carving...Maybe.

Zoe...My parents pup. She is the whole reason Meggy fell in love with Miniature Aussies. Technically it looks like Whiskey is considered a Toy Aussie. Lucy will be in the Miniature size department. We saw a couple of handsome Standard Aussies at the dog park...It would be funny to have all three sizes.

My babies taking a nap. Lucy is the biggest cuddler you'll ever meet. She is all about getting loved up and dishing out the kisses.

Chris and I paired up for the last golf outing. He spotted this ball that was OB and retrieved it. It definitely wasn't his...he was just doing his part for the environment.

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