Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Headgear...

Whiskey sporting this summer's hottest accessory. Everything went smooth with surgery...She was a little groggy and out of it Monday night. But she seems to be doing well...It's hard keeping her chill and calm. She is so ready to tear that thing off of her head and rip some grassy doughnuts in the backyard.

Totally unrelated to the post..buuut...worth sharing.

Tuesday...On my drive home from work, I was cutoff by a dude in a Honda first I thought it was one of my co-workers because they looked a lot alike. It wasn't...just some random dude. That drove like a total asshole.

Wednesday morning...I am on my way to work and I get cutoff by the same exact dude. Same fucking guy...Still driving like an asshole.

I'll keep you posted if it happens tomorrow...I may need to reinforce my bumper or install a cow catcher this afternoon.

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