Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Joel Sheedo...

Saturday was Joe's 32nd birthday....Summer rallied the troops for a Hornblower Sights and Sips San Diego Bay cruise and a dance fueled after party at The Local. As I am posting this I realize I only have one photo of the birthday boy and it is a photo of a photo. Sorry folks. My main goal on the cruise was to get as many photos as I could of Ryan Volek south of the 56 freeway...My secondary goal was to buy a red haired cowboy marionette and a mini sombrero for Whiskey...Missing complete...Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Joe!

!!! - Late Breaking News - !!!

An anonymous source has provided us with photographic evidence that prove Joe Shedd in fact was in attendance. We here at Reignsonerlandia have not been able to confirm these reports...but multiple sources have reported that there may have been consumption of alcoholic beverages during the evening. We will keep you posted as this story unfolds!

!!! - Even Later Breaking News - !!!

Another anonymous tip just in! We are still trying to confirm if alcoholic beverages were to blame...

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