Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Picnic Table...

Meggy and I had been looking around at patio furniture...most of it is ridiculously overpriced or crap. So we started looking on Craigslist...and there were some pretty good deals. Then I was hit with a stroke of genius...I should build a picnic table...A super sturdy, excessively heavy, will probably out last a nuclear explosion style picnic table.

I did some interwebbing and found a few different sets of "Plans"...took what I liked from both and made a few modifications. Friday night I printed out my plans and my supply list...then swang by The Home Depot to grab all of my lumber and hardware. I started off in the fastener aisle...grabbed the bolts, washers and nuts I needed then perused on down to the deck screw section. I had averaged out that I need about 100 or so screws. While on my search for the perfect screw...I started looking for a count or an average of how many screws might be in a box. I had some how forgotten that screws are listed by the pound. Soooooo....One pound of screws...are there 20? 100? 7? I don't know!? At least put a freaking guesstimate on the box...Something! So I whipped out the ever so handy iPhone...and found the answer I needed...So great! So great!

Saturday morning I pried the iPhone out of my hands and then hit the ground running on building our new table. I am not going to lie...it took me way too long to build this thing...but if I had to do it again it would be a breeze. I only had to take one trip back to Home Depot to pick up a 2x6 to use for the tables middle brace.

My plan was to find a scrap piece of 2x6 at The Depot...we found one...and it was warped to the bend of a banana...I decided to pass on it. So our trip to The Depot for a $3 2x6 turned into a little more than $3 trip...as it normally does. Damn you Home Depot...I love you and hate you soooo much all at the same time! Our trip yielded some amazing additions to our place...A hanging plant, a hanging plant hook, a venus fly trap, pest control spray, wood stain and sealant for the table and paint brushes. So keep an eye out for some SWEET venus fly trap updates in the VERY near future!

The table turned out awesome...the photo is before I borrowed Joe's hole saw and cut out the opening for the umbrella. I still need to add a two diagonal braces and stain her up...then she'll be complete! I am looking fwd to many a meal/quarters/beer pong/dancing/socializing on our new picnic table.

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