Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday Morning...

Was REAL sleepy at home! When my folks came to visit last month they brought some of my old clothes and some Rivera yearbooks they had saved for me. Some highlights...Two Rivers Soccer Camp sweater, Zipper and studded pleather Michael Jackson style vest and the sweetest sateen Chicago Bears jacket you will ever see! I unpacked them and set them on the office chair...Murphy has claimed them as his new favorite spot to sleep. He gets only gets up to eat and poop, then right back to his new spot.

Whiskey is not afraid to let you know when she is ready to go to bed. She'll stand at the baby gate gazing into the bedroom...occasionally glancing back to make sure you are watching her. She loves to be in bed. She also isn't afraid to let you know when she doesn't want to get out of bed...this was one of those moments.

After dog beach and some solid weekend puppy fun...Whiskey was in need of some serious scrubbin! Here she is making bath time look like so much fun.

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