Sunday, August 2, 2009

Buju's Day @ the Park...

More Buju photos from yesterday...She is a sweet little lady. It's amazing how much people love a puppies. We sat out in front of the new Mission Hill's Lefty's waiting for some Italian Beef Sandwiches. Normally no one would say a word to you. Now you add Buju into that equation and everyone wants to talk to you. Well...they don't really want to talk to you...they want to love up the puppy and then they ask a few questions just to include you.

My favorite was a guy that walked up and asked if he could be the 1000th person to ask if he could pet the puppy today...then he pretended to make cutesy puppy baby talking noises. He was funny.

I really enjoyed all the people's negative reactions to finding out she was a pitbull. Don't get me wrong I have seen plenty of pitbulls that would love to eat a baby or seven. But I have also met plenty that have been the biggest lovers EVER. It's all on the owner. Love you, Buju!

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