Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'd Rather Be...

I am on my way to work after my morning Buju session and I see the best license plate frame EVER...I am going to start buying these in bulk and putting them on all of your vehicles.

It read:

I'd Rather Be

At A Clay Aiken Concert

I think the better question would be...Who wouldn't!

So terrible.

Speaking of terrible music...Meggy and I will be doing up some Street Scene this year...she won tickets from a local radio station 94.9. I only say terrible because I listened to every band on the schedule this week trying to figure out who to didn't take long. I am excited for way more bands than I originally thought. Anyone else going to be there?

Aaand our buddy Odell's band Lexington Field will be playing at Brick By Brick this Saturday in an Irish theme line-up with three other bands...the event is called Celtic Chaos. See you there?

P.S. - Most people fix cracked windshields...buuut pickup trucks with cracked windshields are kind of a Fordice family tradition.

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Jrahn said...

I will not be in attendance. Which day are you guys going? On friday, of course Modest mouse is good live, Chromeo is cool live, I like deerhunter, matt&Kim have some good tracks, whether you like MIA or not, she puts on a good show. Public enemy on Sat, Ozomatli is also great live. I dunno, I just was not impressed by this years line up, I regret not going last year.