Tuesday, August 25, 2009


While I am in the typing mood...And I have this one on my mind...One more text entry.

Megan and I watched and episode of Hoarders on A&E...HOLY CRAP! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Never ever ever let me become a hoarder! Unless it's cars, motorcycles, guns, artwork, things of that nature.

The episode we watched one lady was a food hoarder...she had soooo much expired food and just shit rotting in her fridge....Just soaking in nasty rotten food fluid...so damn gross! And she was like meh that is still good it's only two years expired.

There is a rotten pumpkin sitting in the middle of her living room floor and they scoop it up with a shovel and it's all gnarly rotten, juicy, moldy...just gone and she stops them mid toss into the trash and is like oooh wait a minute let me grab a few seeds out of there...that was a really neat pumpkin, like one I have never seen before. Just so far gone...wacky!

Check it out if you get a chance...It is worth a watch...I am really amazed that these people let themselves get filmed and exposed to the world...I am sure it is part of the healing/recovery process.


Jrahn said...

Hahaha it seems like we are always watching the same freaking shows as you guys are.

Becki said...

holy shit! patrick and i watched the same show last week and can't stop making jokes about the things I hoard.. mostly baking products.. Mego will understand.. brown sugar, tin foil, zip lock bags (mom used to make us wash and re-use.. f-that!)