Sunday, February 1, 2009


When living in PB we would frequent Dave's Tavern. At Dave's there is a quote board that they updated weekly with some absurd, awkward, weird, gross, etc. statement that was usually taken out of context and was really funny and or embarrassing. So taking from Tiff's masterpiece I would write down on bar napkins funny statements/ideas/quotes/questions that were made by us, stoned cab drivers, innocent bystanders, drunks, weird-os'...and then I transferred them onto a master list. For someday that list may resurface and be fantastic. Well...I found that list the other day. Some are funnier than others...some you REALLY had to be there. Keep in mind most of these were during our drinking escapades.

Here we go a few highlights:

"Dude! This is the longest beard I have ever had!"

"You gotta buy one to be one."

"We're just a bunch of gay cowboys sitting around eating pudding."

"Hey! Sometimes you gotta put a little teeth into it."

"Stoned outta my mind, a bag of doughnuts, and a cab fare...Talk about a cabbie's dream night, Man!"

"Man these old cop cars can really handle."

"He won't even touch his snake and it's only this big."

"Ain't nothin to it but to do it."

"It's all fun and games till the buns get wet."

"Is it a unisex bathroom? No it's for girls and guys."

"What? A Bean Steamer?"

"Is that an inhaler in you pocket or you just breathing hard."

All that being said I am going to add a weekly-ish...or whenever something is quote worthy...quote to my blog. I was struck by this wonderful idea when Steve Paulsen and I were talking about WWII memorabilia...

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jbr0wn6 said...

My hope is you'll add the classic of all classic quotes, "No but fucking seriously...". I believe it was Mean Joe Shed who repeatedly spoke this phrase until we realized what he was really saying.