Thursday, February 19, 2009

University Ave...

Top of the Georgia St. bridge looking east along University Ave.

I have been wanting to shoot some light trails/long exposure/night shots from this spot since I got my camera. Aaand I finally got off my ass and took a few. was along the way to where I parked my truck...So I guess I didn't really get off my ass I just kinda lazily took advantage of it.

So far I am two for two on having the police stop me and ask what I am doing while taking night time photographs. Drunken stumbles home at all hours of the night for the last 6 or so years I have been back in San problem! Transient couple about 20 feet away rolling joints and peeing in the empty church parking problem! Have a tripod set up with a camera?! Somethings fishy...Let's stop this guy! I do have to admit both times the officers have been very nice!

Dear SDPD,
Please keep up this trend of stopping me when I am obeying the law. Thank you!
Lovingly Yours,
Neil Fordice

Soooo....I got a chance to bust out my tripod and my new RC-1 remote that I got for the amazing "CLEARANCE" price of $29.99! Regularly priced at $30.00! I tried to explain it to the Ritz camera dude how funny that was...but he didn't find it as humorous as I did...he also seemed to have been really bothered that I even came into the store. Ryan and Steve P had a funny comparison of Photo Store employees to Record Store employees...They usually have the same pompous holier than thou attitude....pretty amusing! Ritz camera...why do I even go there anymore...I need to cut that sh*t out.

Make sure you click on the photo for a larger version.

And no that's not my truck parked in front of F Street.

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Jrahn said...

the only reason you should ever step foot into a ritz camera store is to look at and hold or test equipment. They are a bit pretentious at times.