Thursday, April 28, 2011

REIGNSonerlandia's Quotes of the Weekish...

"What is eggplant?" - Random Chick reading the menu @ Corner House Cafe & Pizzeria

"Just checking for rigor mortis." - Joe

"You are never going to learn anything if you keep running your mouth." - Gabriel

"I didn't feel like vomiting until I looked at your face." - Mary

"I guess ultimately America IS a big melting pot." - Megan

"Sooooo...Do snails...?" - Mary

"UGH! I HATE R. Kelly! Buuut I f*cking LOVE R. Kelly!" - Megan

"I always get chorizo in my hair!" - Jamie

"And after a hundred or so mighty wacks..." - Peter

"I have fourteen plates!" - Megan

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