Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bug Update...Number Seventeen...

I have been making some solid headway on the bug. A few weeks back I took her in to see Sam @ California Pacific/J-Bugs for a full rewire. Sam is on his shit...Knocked it out in no time flat! I can't say enough about how thorough this guy was. I wish everyone was as competent at their job as he was. Every electrical component is working again...and every bit of wiring is brand spanking new. Super stoked!

After I got that back home I started on the interior. I have the back of the car completed. The dash is in place with all it's hardware, new steering wheel and horn ring installed, RetroSound stereo installed, RetroSound dual voice coil speaker and mounting bracket installed, carpet along the door sills and under the front seats completed. I just need to wrap up the glove box, fiddle with the stereo a bit more, finish the carpet in the front of the car and wrap up the upholstery on the front seats and the interior is good to go. And maybe add a Bambus Rack...Probably add a Bambus Rack.

I had been wanting to get the wheels sand blasted and powder coated for some time now. But I wasn't really ready to fork over $200 just for powder coat...New not stock rims are around $380. So I was thinking about giving them the same treatment I did the van's wheels. Joe was taking a trip up to the M-E-R-C-E-D for the weekend and offered to sand blast and prime my wheels for me at his dads shop. They turned out awesome! I started painting them this week...so far so good. New tires and she'll be ready for some driving. More updates hopefully soon! Getting closer...

And this is my new side project/audio solution for the rear hatch of the bug...Vintage pet carrier. Keep and eye out for that soon too. Etsy is awesome! And dangerous.

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