Thursday, April 21, 2011

Buju Tattoo Buttons...

Buju Tattoo Buttons galore...200 of em. Buju Tattoo's grand opening is this Saturday. Once I saw the flyer for the opening two things happened...I remembered I owned a button maker(that has been collecting dust) and I knew they needed buttons. I hit up Briana for the original flyer artwork and massaged it to work for the button format. I am stoked on how they turned out.

I have never really put this out there before buuut...

If anyone needs any 1.5" buttons made hit me up. They are super cheap to make and I am more than happy to knock them out. I can do as many or as few as you would like...If you need custom artwork I can do that...or I can just slap your image on there. I can deliver them or toss them in the mail. The process is pretty fun...and it's nice have a tangible object at the end of a little bit of work. Hit me up if you are interested and we can get some going.

Ahhhh...Tangible object. That just made me want to rant a little...Sooo here we go...

I need to get my hands dirty...I need to build and make things it's a very big part of me and it's crazy how much it gets me going...Mentally, Physically, Emotionally...I love to build stuff. From scratch, from Ikea, a puzzle, lists, recipes...etc. I dunno it is just a very big part of my being and who I am. I never really realized how much I need that to be a part of my life...but I do. I have the creative bug super bad right now.

I do have a few things in the works and it has been nice. The VW Bug interior is getting tackled more and more every day. I've got a pretty solid plan in place for a rear speaker solution in the Bug...Super excited to show that process off...I am pretty stoked on this idea. Knocked out some buttons...that was fun. Got a few little projects in the early stages with Dr. Booriakin. I have been drawing a bit more. My aerosol finger is getting itchy...I think I might have to build a temporary wall in the backyard to get down on...I know I have a few people down for that one.

After all that being said...I feel like I need to leave this here...


I would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to thank you for all of that! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Thank you for ingraining all of those qualities into me. Allowing me to create, supporting me the whole way and showing me how to do so much awesome stuff. I was working in the garage this past weekend and I got to thinking about current spot in life and being me being adult-ish now and looking back at everything my Pops did to make my life as amazing as it is...And it blows my mind. Busting his ass working all day, picking me up from school, lugging a full teams soccer gear to and from practice/games, coaching, dealing with kids, parents, referees, leagues and me...for YEARS! And that is just a small part of it... archery, shooting, hunting, fishing, bicycles, involving me in his projects, teaching me how to do things for myself....The list goes on and on...Totally awesome!

My dad has always been my idol and my hero...Always. I love that man with all my heart!

Thank you, Pops.


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