Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Old Man Breakfast...

Steve Waits rallies a crew for breakfast once a month...called "Old Man Breakfast." Not related to work...just getting people together and have breakfast. I received and invite that said Original Pancake House on Convoy...that's all I read and I was in. It could have been a time share seminar I had no idea...If you add "Original Pancake House" in your message you'll usually get some of my attention. Pigs In A Blanket...amazing! The waiter didn't bring me the tropical syrup...kinda missed that part. It was still you can tell from the photo! The strawberry pancakes looked stellar...they had what looked like a whole basket of sliced strawberries on top of them. I gotta go back soon! Best bacon EVER!

I am sooooo ready for a nap!

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