Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aunt Pearl...

On the way to soccer Monday night the Titan decided it didn't want to have any more Transmission it spit it all out...I feel like it might have been in honor of Earth Day. I managed to get off the freeway and onto a side street. Joe taxied Mega and I back home to figure out a game plan (Thanks for that buddy!). I went back in the morning hoping to find a obvious disconnected or cracked luck. I called the dealership and told them I was coming. Called AAA and got a tow...they in turn connected me to the SMARTEST tow truck driver in the WORLD! Dude couldn't find me...called me about 5 times. Our last conversation he asked me where I was...again! I told him I was on Kearny Villa Rd. just North of the 52...on Kearny Villa Rd. He then informed me that the 52 didn't go North and South...just East and West. and I would need to be more specific. Thank you sir...thank you for that bit of info.

So the Titan is getting all of it's Transmission hoses replaced and a topped off with new fluid. Then they are going to drive it...and keep your fingers crossed it'll be all good. If might be getting expensive. They also rattled off about $1800 in other maintenance items I should take care of...that just seemed to show up now that my warranty period is over and not when I was last there...right before it was over.

After I dropped Megan off at work on a glorious Administrative Professionals Day...I took Aunt Pearl for a much anticipated oil change. I have read that Japanese Water Torture is bad...I think smelling the bacon from The Original Pancake House and not getting any is even worse! I am going to have to eat bacon soon....mmmmm bacon.

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