Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sharkeez to Sharkeez...

Since I am still playing catch up...Here is another update from July...Sharkeez to Sharkeez. We started off in Huntington beach...With a rally from Tom Warner and a huge mob of peoples we beach cruised it on down to Sharkeez Newport Beach had a few and cruised back up to Sharkeez Huntington Beach. There were a few pit stops here and there...Other than that...Beautiful weather...Lots of laughs...And way too many drinks! After we finished up the booze cruise we checked into our hotel and wandered around to two of Huntington Beach's shadier establishments...Walked through the JIB drive-thru and called it a night. The next morning we headed north to devour some
Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. After our bellies were full we strolled down to Dixie to check out their goods. Cool little shop...Worth checking out if you are in the LBC.

The craziest part about Dixie came to us a few weeks later. Joe was watching a Vimeo video about living life, not taking things for granted and some other life lessons...Which I can't seem to track down at this moment.

So...He sends the video over to me and says, "Hey, Isn't that the dude we just met from Dixie?" Sure enough it is. Then I go to look at more of his videos. It instantly clicks with me...I now remember where I had seen this guy. From a video I had watched on the world wide interwebs. It is one of THE saddest videos I have EVER seen. I had watched this video a month or so before...I came home and told Megan about it...I told her NEVER EVER to watch it...It is way too sad.

Long story short...The video is about this guy having to put his dog down. Super sad...I am going to leave the link here. But I do not really recommend watching it...I got super chocked up at work while I was watching it. Had to step outside and regroup. It's bad.

Again...Maybe it is just a sissy dog owner thing...but this is rough...Good luck...

Last Minutes With Oden

Hopefully my dogs will never pass...I am WAY to attached to those two knuckleheads.

I didn't really mean for this post to take such a somber turn...No more of that!

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