Monday, August 15, 2011

Cabo San Lucas...

We had a blast! I feel like vacation is the lifestyle I was destined to be a part of! Dreams Resort Los Cabos was fantastic! We took full advantage of all of the resort's conveniently located bars. My favorites...The two pool bars...Swim up bars with stools right in the water. It doesn't get much better than that! Aside from torturing our livers we soaked up a lot of sun and did bunch of relaxing...I feel like we did a really good job coping with all of the relaxing that we had to tackle. One of the lessons I learned was that I need to have a hammock in my life full time. I have known that...but somehow it had slipped out of my memory banks. Operation: Acquire Hammock is in full swing.

We met an awesome couple from Canada, Greg and Natalie, they were getting married at the resort. Aaaand have since been married, Congrats guys! This post is a little past due...Since we have been back Greg and Natalie had a few days stay in San Diego on their honeymoon tour up the CA coast. We got a chance to hangout with them for two of their nights here...Great people! Hope the rest of the trip was fantastic! Great to meet you guys!

Cabo San Lucas itself...Meh. Your typical touristy Mexican city...I am glad we checked it out but it wasn't all that impressive. The allure of the all inclusive at the resort had me spoiled. One of my favorite spots we did check out was a bar/restaurant called "The Office". That place is an awesome little hub of excitement right on the beach. I highly recommend it...Thanks for the tip, Steve!

For now...enjoy the photos! I have a few relaxing videos to post...Once I get off my butt and fire up some video editing software. I will keep you posted.


Here are the videos...Enjoy!

The early morning view from one of our suite's balconies.

Early morning...Laying in bed...Listening to the waves roll in...FANTASTIC!

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