Monday, August 15, 2011

Patrick's Bachelor Party...

Once we got back from Cabo I had to settle back into reality...Don't worry...It was only for a few days, then it was right back to vacation mindset! This might be the first year in a long time that my tan isn't a farmer's tan. Patrick had rallied me to attend his bachelor party on Catalina Island...Avalon. I couldn't say no to that one!

Super stoked on Catalina...I can't wait to take Megan. I feel like that it is going to be a regular spot for us to visit. I had never been...Really cool little town with a ton of life. I was expecting really snooty, tons o money, hoity toity...but it wasn't like that at all. Don't get me wrong...There is a ton of money there...but it is a very well balanced place. So many different people all enjoying this little slice of awesomeness.

Patrick's group of buddies were a riot...Great group of guys! Made me think of and miss all of of my knuckle-headed friends...You all know who you are!

I don't even really know where to begin. It's a quick drive up to Dana Point...A quick little ferry ride over to Avalon. You stroll from the ferry right into town...Luggage in-tow. Bars, shopping, beaches all packed into a tight little area. There is just so much life...Even early in the morning...People cruising around, grabbing coffee, securing their spots on the beach for later, chilling out...super cool! Oh yea...and the golf carts...They are everywhere...Electric vehicles, golf carts, some lifted, some customized...I have never wanted my own golf cart or electric mico-van more in my life! I am really going to have to hit a significantly large jackpot in the California Lottery.

We had a nice little two bedroom house with a TV that only had one channel. The back patio was a perfect arena for some quality beer pong and general debauchery. That was our home base...From there everything was a nice little walk away. Loved that...walking everywhere!

One afternoon we did up a little kayaking out to Frog Rock. Cruised through the harbors, checked out all the bad ass boats...Stopped off at a little rock beach enjoyed a few frosty Coors Lights and headed back to return the kayaks. We had a few casualties along the way but we all eventually made it back in one piece. I defiantly have the kayaking bug...

It wasn't all hard hitting action sports, Kayaking and Beer Pong. We got in some quality R&R...Beach time @ Descanso Beach. Descanso is a private beach on the island...with a full bar, restaurant and plenty of friendly waitstaff to keep you toasted and your belly full.

One of my favorite spots of the trip...So much of a favorite that we hit it up twice...The Sand Trap. Outdoor restaurant/bar...Happy Hour everyday from 2-7. $1 Tacos & $2 Beers. Your choice of soft or hard shell...all the fixings...You can't go wrong with that! I definitely got my monies worth both times we visited The Sand Trap. I kinda felt like it was golf giving back to me after all of the terrible times I have been in sand traps.

Had a great time! Thank you, Patrick for the invite and thank you to all your boys for setting up the event and partying down. I have to ask...This wasn't a one time thing, was it? I vote we make it a yearly event!

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