Friday, April 23, 2010


I didn't even notice that the dancer was looking right @ me until I posted this...I was watching this little guy in the Superman t-shirt. He was kinda into the music and the dancing but you could tell he was ready to get outta there and do up some Disneyland.

My parents were going to Disneyland to celebrate their anniversary...Meggy and I set a plan in motion to surprise my mom...aaaaand it almost worked. My mom went up to the front desk to check in...

Mom: I'd like to check in please.
Front Desk: Your name?
Mom: Karen Fordice.
Front Desk: We don't have a room for Karen...We only have Doug and Neil.

Whaaa whaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaa...Spoiled our master plan.

They did knock $50 off our room for the first night...that was nice of them.

We met up Thurday night for dinner and drinks. Then on Friday we hit the ground running at 8am...It was awesome! We knocked out SO many rides in the first few hours it was perfect! Spent the rest of the day just cruising around riding rides and teasing my mom about her iPhone addiction.

It's been about 25 years since my last visit to Disneyland...I didn't cry quite as much this time. I was amazed at how neat and tidy everything was...freaking amazing. I can't even imagine the co-ordination behind the scenes to keep that place running as smooth as they make it look...freaking crazy to think about.

Great to see you Mom and Dad! Happy Anniversary! I love you guys! We'll see you soon!

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