Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whiskey's First Night...

The first photo is from when we got home last night...Rita and Lulu wore her out...she had a blast with those ladies. And the rest are from this morning.

So far smooth sailing...Last night when we got home she hoped into bed and cuddled up like a champ. Slept for a few hours...woke up and woke me up...I put her on her pee pad...she handled her business and looked back at me like..."Alright let's go back to bed...It's cold out here!" So we did just that. Solid first night...lets keep our fingers crossed that they are all like that. She's still a little wall-eyed...but they are getting closer. She's so damn cute!

Murph even slept on the bed with us...I was real surprised by that. He is still a little unsure about her but he seems to be doing okay. I've been making sure he is plenty loved up.

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