Monday, July 27, 2009

San Diego Comic Con 2009...

Down the tubes. Meggy and I set aside Sunday to see the sites. Usually I get close to the Convention Center...See how busy it is and decide to go have drinks and lunch instead. This year I was looking fwd to strolling around and checking everything out. Tons to see...Tons of always.

Meggy scored some solid owl merchandise...An owl thumb drive and 2 owl books. She got each of the artists to sign her books and bust out owl sketches for her. Cool shit...they were both super nice dudes. I picked up a letter pressed print and 2 poster prints...Adding to my ever growing collection of unframed, not displayed fantastic art. Someday...someday...

The highlight for sure was seeing Terry Tate The Office Linebacker...If you know our good friend Andrea then you know her connection with Terry...err uhh...Mr. Tate. We had to grab her an autograph...Freaking Hilarious! Glad we went over to the autograph section...we ALMOST skipped it.

At the end of our day I stared to turn in to a roaming zombie stuck in the flow of we got out of the ASAP. I left $12 in my truck to pay for parking cause I knew we'd empty out my wallet on purchases...and we did a damn good job...I had $1 left in my wallet...Pretty solid.

If there is anything that Murph likes to sleep/shed on more than any black article of clothing or the clothes you lay out for yourself...It's plastic bags and random free shit from the Con...He's stoked!

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