Monday, July 6, 2009

Left, Right, Center...

After the beach...We cleaned up and head over the La Casa de Jose Shedd for some bbq-ing and an introduction to the game "Left, Right, Center." It's a dice game...a game of chance...a game where you can invite people over...tell them to bring $3 and scam them for their hard earned money...All while making them feel like they are having "Fun." TOTALLY JOKING! It was a lot of fun. I didn't win any of the games...I can see how winning would bring the fun level up a few notches.

Start with a group of friends, each of you with $3, for each dollar you have you roll a die, Each die has L, R, C and Single Dots on them. If you roll a "L" you hand a dollar to the person on your Left, "R" goes Right, "C" goes into the pot in the Center and "Dot" you keep your dollar. You can loose your three dollars right from the get go. You aren't just get skipped and hope someone rolls the die and gets a "L" or "R" depending on your position in the rotation and hands you a dollar or three to let you back in. You play till there is only one person left with money...and they take the Pot. Fun game.

Annette won the first round...leading me to believe the game is rigged. Then Megan won the second game...leading me to believe that Annette has rigged the game to trick us in to playing again. Now that I think about it...I was sitting right in the middle of those two...It must have been rigged!

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