Monday, July 6, 2009

5th of July...

My new favorite holiday! We were headed out to grab some lunch...and a stoke of genius hit me...Padres Sunday day game! We headed on Downtown...had lunch and a few choice beverages @ East Village Bowl and Tavern. Did a little hat shopping...and hit the game. So many freaking Dodger fans. We missed all the action...minus the solo shot from Koooooooooz. When we got in the game it was 6-0 Dodgers. Powered a few beers and some cotton candy. We left @ 6-1 in the 8th. Walked over to Tivoli to watch the comeback attempt as the Pads tied it up 6-6 and juuust couldn't pull it off.

Headed home for some chili doggin' and some Night Time Zoo @ The World Famous San Diego Zoo. Awesome! Night Time Zoo is freaking fantastic! Super stoked it's that time of year again! Sorry no Zoo photos...I didn't feel like lugging my camera stuff on my stupid sun burnt shoulders. I'm and idiot...Wear your sunscreen kids!

UPDATE: I was just looking at the post after I posted it...and I was cracking up! It looks like Summer's face froze from the cotton candy pose and remained all the way till Tivoli.

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