Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This Is NOT My New Sketchbook...

Last week I purchased a few small Moleskine sketchbooks. I was looking for something small/easy to throw in my bag. I tend to get a little lazy about carrying things. I I also tend to get a little forgetful about bringing things with me.

So this isn't in my new sketchbook. But I think a cleaner version will be added to it soon. I just wanted to tell you about it...and I'll start posting some highlights from that real soon...If I can find it.

I guess a little back story would be good for this too. When I first started working at Sony...Andrei, Ryan and Joe introduced me to Champs...A small little beer bar/sandwich spot with a fantastic chili dog special on Wednesdays. It used to be super dingy, which was kinda cool. Now it is the building next door and is super bright...which is kinda cool. Sometimes we go there for lunch...sometimes we go there to watch games...sometimes we sit outside on the patio after work and drink a beer or two. On more than one occasion on the patio we have spotted an Albino Pigeon. Unfortunately I didn't see him/her the last time I stopped in. Since then I have been working on my albino pigeon calls...and I have been thinking about drawing this drawing.

UPDATE: I realize that Albino Pigeons aren't that uncommon or rare. Just keep in mind...it always appears after a few beers. Ever knowing, Ever present, Albino Pigeon...Never forget.

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