Monday, June 8, 2009

Padres vs. D-Bags - Sunday...


Samin has rallied a group for her birthday the past few years for some cocktails, Padres baseball, Food and more Cocktails.

This year I was really confused...For some reason I had assumed the game was on Saturday and figured it'd work out perfect going to the game with Samin's group and the Pierce Parentals. I found out it wasn't. We gave our tickets...that we took off Cory and Andrea's Angela since we couldn't make it. Sooo plans change and it turns out that we could make it...which we found out on the way downtown to join them for one drink and then to head home. So while we are Downtown and we paid to park we figured...meh why not...let's go to the game again. Bought some tickets in the same section...turns out there was empty seats right next to the group that we nabbed after a few all worked out fantastic!

Aaaand I still found "2 F Lopez" really funny.

The second photo is the Pad Squad singing Happy Birthday to Samin along with a few of the upper deck sections. You can spot her in the photo.

The Pads attempted to repeat a stellar comeback just like the night before...tied it up in the bottom of the 9th. We stuck around till the 11th. GLAD we didn't stay for the whole game...the Padres had 9 HITLESS extra innings. I would have ripped my face off sitting through that. No beer sales past the bottom of the 7th.

Then we went to Basic for some more drinks and some FANTASTIC pizza. Our waitress was a bit off her game but the pizza was great. Anytime anyone wants to go to Basic for pizza...count me in.

Then we me Kerry and Martin at our place...strolled down to the park and broke in Martin's new bocce ball set. Good times! Great weekend!

Quote of the Day..."Let's go Cheadly!" - Megan

Chase Headly...C Headly on the scoreboard...Cheadly...get it?!

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