Thursday, June 11, 2009

AAA of Southern California...

A few years back I decided to sign us up for AAA for a little roadside assistance coverage. And when I purchased my Motorcycle I added Motorcycle/RV coverage too...just in case I broke down, ran out of gas, left my ignition turned on while I filled up with gas and drain my weak ass battery like an idiot, or any other vehicular roadside needs that I can't immediately address on my own or with help from friends. So far I have used it more for my newest vehicle which I didn't really see coming. But it has been nice having the coverage...and I'd recommend it.

Where is this story going? I am ALWAYS bad about sending in the registration renewal form and cash to the DMV. I like to wait till very the last minute and go to the DMV and wait in line. The last few years the DMV has had a kiosk at the Clairemont location that you could roll up at any hour, scan your paper work, slide your credit card and BAM! Fresh new registration in your hot little hand in no time flat. Besides the time it was hot out and my registration printed out but the tag peeled off inside the machine and I had to call, talk to 4 million people and have them mail me a new one. And the time when they moved it inside and you had to use it during buisness hours. And when they were always servicing it every time I went in. It had been GREAT for my procrastinating lagger lifestyle.

Now the machine is MIA...totally ruins my lazy ass plans. But having Steve Paulsen, the mental genius that he is, in the Brain Trust he reminded me that being a AAA member I could head over to their offices and take care of all that fun stuff. You do miss out on all the glory that is visiting the DMV.

So I did that this morning...I didn't have to jump through any hoops or wait in any lines...I did have to jump a fence in the Motel 6 parking lot to find an ATM...but that is always a nice way to start your day. I guess I could have walked around but...there is no adventure in that.

What is the point to this story...AAA so far so good and since I have Motorcycle/RV coverage...I think I need an RV...Right?!

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