Friday, March 20, 2009

Murphs is a muthafuckin'...

Moth killer! Whadda you wanna be when you grow up?
Moth killer! Good choice.
Moth killer! I'm a muthafuckin'
Moth killer!

Last night as we walked down the hall Muprh was going APE SHIT! Mothra was in the bedroom buzzing the light and Murph wasn't having it! He wasn't going to rest until he ate that damn thing. He was talking to it...I kept saying "get that moth" and he would start meowing at it. It was awesome...Like having an attack Saber Toothed Tiger. He was tyring to find the most strategic striking position...running around the room...debating jumping on top of furniture. Then the moth buzzed him...he swatted it like King Kong at those swarming bi-planes, Knocked it towards the ground, Jumped off the bed after it, Mothra regained consciousness then started gaining altitude, Murph ran at his tower and back flipped off of it, jumped on the bed and lept like a Puma and rolled up Mothra like there was no tomorrow. But we couldn't find his remains...he musta dissolved back into outer space. Which made Murph case the room like he was a customs agent for the next hour and a half...He finally gave up. That shit was baddasss. Wish I had video!

And I woke up this morning singing Body Count's Cop Killer with the "Cop" replaced with "Moth" now I am kinda wanting to jam out to the Judgement Night Soundtrack. Don't leave a lot of comments about how amazing and awesome this is...I know...I was there!


Chris said...

If you think that was should see Nicki and I do work on a corned beef sandwich...poor thing never had a chance.

Ryno said...

That's muthafuckin amazing!!!

Jrahn said...

I remember when penelope ate her first bug. What a day. It was a bee if I recall correctly.