Monday, March 23, 2009

Free Stuff...

Periodically at work our Marketing Department/Peoples of importance clean out their office and/or stumble across a storage room full of merchandise that never saw the light of day and they need to get rid of it...It's usually crusty 989 Sports clothing or copies of PS One games. So they send out a company email labeled "Free stuff in this room." And it usually gets mobbed and all the "good stuff" is usually gone ASAP.

We got one of these emails last week...I was skeptical but the Baseball Team is on vacation and Steve P rallied we strolled over. Much to my surprise I spotted an autographed helmet from a 989 Sports Quarterback I nabbed it. Pretty stoked on it...I am still waiting for someone to ask for it back. I did some research and I am pretty sure it is from 2004...17 Autographs far there are only 4 names I haven't decoded...yet. Ahhh the power of the world wide internets.

Anquan Boldin
Boomer Esiason
Byron Leftwich
Jake Delhomme
Jim Kelly
Joey Harrington
Josh McCown
Keenan McCardell
Marc Bulger
Matt Hasselbeck
Torry Holt
Trent Green
Troy Brown
Warren Moon

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