Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old School Movie Night...

If you do not like to read just look at the flyer...for a more detailed description see below.

Dr. Christopher Lewis and I have been discussing having an "Old School Movie Night" for years...I think it's up to 3 or 4 now. I am not too big on New Years Resolutions buuuut this was mine...To actually get the ball rolling on "OSMN" and here we go. Soooo we had a master list somewhere of all the movies we wanted to sit down and watch...I am on the hunt for that. Some examples are Beat Street, Breakin', Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, Spaceballs, etc. Don't worry ladies...we will mix in some Dirty Dancing and The Breakfast Club too. It's just a casual dinner and a movie...if you can make it great...if for you. I am going to try and do this once a month...If you miss the first don't worry...there will be more. If you'd like to host one...that'd be great too. The date will be Wednesday January 21st @ our place...dinner will be served at 7:00pm and the film will start at 7:30. To get the ball rolling we have decided on for your viewing pleasure "Big Trouble in Little China." And for dinner we will be having Gorton's fish sticks with a delightful Heinz Ketchup dipping sauce, Veg-all and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner straight out of the box to your plate. Starting to get the idea? An evite will be out sent out with a few more details. If you aren't on the evite and you want to me, call me, tell me in person, mail a letter.

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