Wednesday, January 7, 2009

100th Post...

Who whoulda thunk it...kinda cool to look back at it all!

Check out the Wolf Moon tonight...the closest the moon will be to the earth in 2009. It will appear to be largest at moonrise. When you use the horizon to compare scale it appears to be larger than when it is up in the sky with no scale reference.

Megan is powering through the Twilight series. Murphy is still orange. Had dinner Thursday at the Bali Hai...had a Mai Tai, Zombie and shared a Scorpion with Mega. Took Friday off...played a lot of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift...Started to feel bad about not showering and playing video games all day(not really)...went down and worked on the bug. Slow and steady...just a BUNCH of little stuff left. Then we played soccer...good game...we won 4-3. Celebrated at the Cat lounge...Good times. I feel like I got beat up this morning...the holiday break is always rough on what little exercise stamina I build up during the season. Lazy ass.

The next post will be details about the much awaited "Old School Movie Night" stay tuned folks!!!!

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