Monday, January 19, 2009


We had a plan for today...Wake up early, Eat Breakfast, Do Laundry, Go for a Bike ride or a hike, Lamp shopping and Best Buy. We woke up late, ate breakfast, played video games, showered and went lamp shopping at Ikea(Bad Idea). Lamps Plus is by The High Dive...great call Megan! Had an amazing Lunch, a few(understatement) cocktails and a few shots from the "Jameson Fairy." In between Jameson shots and cocktails Megan shared a special moment with me, "Raphael is my favorite ninja turtle he was all quiet and mad and he wore red." Well primed and ready for more lamp shopping we hit Lamps Plus with no luck. Now @ Best Buy...I say, "Wait let's see if they have Big Trouble In Little China on Blu-Ray." She says, "Fuck that we aren't buying that crap on Blu-Ray it's not worth it...Holy CRAP Dirty Dancing on Blu-Ray...We're buying it!" Mhmm...totally worth it...hahahha...and while we were there we looked for other potential Old School Movie candidates...which you see featured here. Soooo...Laundry and Exercise went by the wayside..hey you can't win them all. Looking fwd to Wednesday! Don't let the $6.99 price tag fool you!

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