Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catch Up: Julian Barn & Baileys BBQ - 3-3-2012

This seems like yesterday...I can't believe it was five months ago.  Becki, Patrick and Chlo took us out to Julian to check out a perspective barn for our wedding venue.  We dug it immediately...We have been camping there since then and done a bit of planing towards having our wedding at the barn.  The girls got their first taste of snow...I don't know who loved it more...The girls or Megan and I watching them. 

Afterwards we cruised over to Bailey's BBQ...Which at the time I would have written RAVE reviews about.  Mostly for my love of Tom, Lindsay, BBQ and good beer.  Since then two of those four those ties are no longer at Bailey's.  And unfortunately those two were the best part...I no longer feel the need to stop in when I am in Julian. Total bummer it was a great spot with amazing potential.

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