Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bug Update...Number Nineteen...

Got my shoes shined up and new soles on my feet.

If you need new tires I highly recommend you hit up Lynn @ Discount Tire Miramar. Lynn is a busy dude, but he handles his stuff. Super stoked on that guy...He put in some solid leg work tracking down exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Lynn!

I had wheels off the car for a while now...I had the front end resting on was about 8 inches off the ground and I have been super digging the stance. Slapped the wheels back on with the new tires and new hubcaps...which looks fantastic! Buuuut it is just TOO damn high. I told myself I was going to put off the front end d for a while...but I dunno...It NEEDS to be dropped.

Hopefully I will be able to get her out in the sun and shined up real soon!


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