Monday, February 7, 2011

Disc Golfing...

I have been getting constant emails, text messages and phone calls inquiring about the outcome of the third outing of disc golf versus Martin Amadeus Pierce and myself. I thought the highlights would have ran on SportCenter by now. Just in case you haven't seen it...Here are the results:

Neil - 3
Martin - 0

Now back to the previously scheduled blog post...

Martin rallied us for some disc golf @ Morley Field before the Superbowl...Beautiful day out! I learned a lot of things. Here are a few of them:

Sunscreen is your friend.

A Technics record bag will transport beers amazingly.

Damien is a disc golf shark. They are currently making a movie about his life in the world of disc golf...It has the exact same story line as "White Men Can't Jump".

James makes the same weird balance hand when he skates and when he throws a disc.

Hair-Of-The-Dog helps, and then it hurts. I had already known this...just confirming my previous discoveries.

Joe may not be left handed...or right handed.

James tried a hippy throw the first time without even a warm-up swing and he nailed it...proving that James in fact is a hippy.

Martin is still the only person I have met that is like Martin.

I am really starting to enjoy disc is an all around great day of being outside, drinking beer and talking shit to your buddies. Very similar to regular golf at a fraction of the price and if you don't shower it some how it magically increases your ability to play disc golf.

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Jrahn said...

Martin is definitely an individual. A bag full of sexual innuendo's and debauchery, covered in ginger fuzz.