Monday, February 28, 2011

Bug Update...Number Sixteen...

One headlight to go.

As of late I have gained a few new hobbies, a few new financial obligations and a few more dumb grown-up responsibilities which have halted the finalizing or at least roadworthy-ing up of the bug. I am so ready just to be able to cruise this damn car.

The new wiring harness showed up last did the new headlight buckets.

I am proud to say...Operation: Finish This Dumb Car...Is in half swing...almost 3/4 swing. I'll keep you posted when it is in full swing.

Finish up the hood seal
Install the new hood release cable
Install new dash and dash components
Front passenger turn signal
Re-Wire with the new wiring harness
Slap the pedals back in
@ this point it'll be roadworthy-ish

New seat covers and padding
Finish the carpet in front half of the car
Bambus package tray
New steering wheel
New tires
New wheels or a powder coat to the oldies
New rear passenger trim - I dented the last one with an ice chest
@ this point it'll be roadworthy-ish and looking complete

Narrowed front beam
New brakes...Discs maybe
Engine rebuild/freshen up
Transmission rebuild/freshen up
@ this point...totally roadworthy...totally finished

Still quite a bit of work ahead...but not too much.

Oh yea...and the trailer...

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