Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Parade Paraphanalia‏...

St. Patrick's Day Parade is rapidly approaching. When we were living on Park Blvd...We would rally a group of professional drinkers and festival food eaters and head over to the parade and section off a little corner of the beer garden all for us and watch the parade.

Not only is moment in time filled with St. Patrick's Day hoopla it is also around the time of Burnadette's birthday. We always talk about putting together a float and being in the parade...Looks like that is happening this year. I signed up for plywood cut out and painted decor...mostly because I wanted to buy myself a new Ryobi cordless jigsaw and break in the garage...but that is besides the point.

Here's the progress so far...

Steve busted out a logo in Illustrator for us based on Megan's concept...Thank you, Steve! T-Shirts are being printed now.

Chris, Derrick and Myself have cut out an 8 foot rainbow, 2 shamrocks a cloud and a pot-o-gold...Primed them...and the base colors and details will be started tonight.

So far so good...should be a fun float. Our theme is...Irish You Were Here...A tribute to US Military that are away from their families.

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