Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Newest Member...

Of REIGNSonerlandia's super fuel efficient, super conservative fleet of vehicles...I am honored to introduce to you...The Passenger Van!

I traded in the Titan last night for her...It was sad to see her go...but time to move on. I think the best reaction so far has been my brothers...It went something like this.

Me: Yo dude traded in the Titan
Bro: Oh yea what did you get?
Me: A 2006 E-150 Passenger Van
Bro: WHAT THE F*CK!?!?!

Then I gave him the run down of my master scheme...and he was on board. Or he just said that to me so I would stop talking about it while he was thinking to himself...I am glad I am not as crazy as my brother!

I got it home, gave Meggy the tour and then we gave it our best to try and fog up all the windows...but we weren't successful. There must be some anti-fog sealant on all the windows...Don't worry we are going to give it another shot tonight!

I am super stoked...I have always wanted a van and I have big plans in my head. Hopefully they all come to see the light of day. Keep an eye out on your city's streets...if there is a white van Ford passenger van on your probably isn't me...but just might be!


Ryno said...

Haha!!! Oh man, thats a total surf mobile right there. But you're probably gonna outfit it with the latest in child abduction, "free candy!" stuff.

Could also be a great hangout when Meg, the Murph, and Whiskey won't let you sleep in your bed.

Congrats, Neils...I think it was a good trade!

Becki said...

you know you guys can just have babies.. you don't have to steal them..

Megosaurus! said...

NO BABIES....Neil said i could have 5 puppies!

Jrahn said...

You're going for the whole amber alert look I see. That is too cool—not the amber alert thing, but the van in general.

Billy C said...

Haha So great!