Monday, September 28, 2009

Wizard Staffs...

And camping on Mt. Laguna @ Burnt Rancheria Campground. Friday night Peter and Tasha invited us up to Peter's folks place in Alpine for some bbq and pool volleyball before we embarked on our camping trip Saturday morning. Awesome food...pool volleyball...can't go wrong with that.

Saturday we cruised up to Mt. Laguna...set up camp and started working on reaching Wizard Status. One of the things I learned about reaching Wizard Status is if you are the first person to reach Wizard Status you will probably be the first Wizard to bed...but you will probably wake up later on and enjoy some quality campfire time.

All in all we had 5 people reach Wizard Status...Me, Meggy, Andrea, Martin and the birthday girl Kerry Kaye!

Good times...I really enjoyed that campground. I am ready to go back...we definitely don't go camping enough.

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