Friday, May 15, 2009

North Carolina Trip: Part Nine...The Finale

Last bit of the trip we stopped in to visit with Mr. B...Meggy's band director.

The first photos are being taken during his response to Megan's Mom's comment of, "Megan was so shy."

To which Mr. B replied, "Uhh...yea...Megan may have been shy freshman year...buuuut Senior year I don't think she was too shy."

Great guy...Everyone who I have ever met that knows this guy has had nothing but amazing things to say about him.

After our visit we swang by the Havelock Visitors Center...just missing visitor I snapped a few photos of aircraft out front.

And lastly cruising in the Malibu back to Wilmington. Great trip! Thank you again EVERYONE for all the hospitality and good times!

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