Friday, May 15, 2009

Health Update...

I got the all clear from the ER...Follow up appointment on Monday with my Primary Care Physician.

I don't really want to tell anyone how to do their job...buuut..I don't know why they don't just get your whole story and write it down when you check in? I told 6 different attendees the same exact story. By the end Meggy and I were getting pretty good at it.

We had about a 6 hour visit. They checked my blood pressure, my temperature then they hooked me up to an EKG. All good...back to the waiting room where there was now a man vomiting into a trashcan.

Got called back in to have an IV hooked up for blood to be drawn for some blood work...3 different people tackled that job...they kept getting moved around. Something about hospital tape and my skin just don't get along...So once they were done they liberally taped the IV tubeage onto my arm and sent me back to the waiting room. Vomiting man pacing even more with his vomit catching trashcan. Felt bad for this dude. This is also the time that Samuel L. Jackson's racist stunt double showed up.

Called in...the room was ready. Told my story to the lady that checked me in...She asked me about 5 times if I had pain in my ear. Every time I replied, "No, None at all." She told me to change into my hospital gown and closed the curtain. Then she checks me in, "Uh...yea...B-5 passed out and has left ear pain." Luckily she wasn't my nurse. Blood pressure checked seated, sitting and standing. Dr. Chaing came into check me out...ran through the story and additional questions. Checked my ear said the blood vessels looked irritated but nothing too bad. Ordered me a CT Scan. Got a free ride down to X-Ray...busted out the scan and back to the room.

Then they kicked us out of the room into the hallway. So much nicer having everyone walk by and stare at you. Speaking of starring at you the walk off the plane as everyone waited for the EMT's to escort me off the plane...just a little uncomfortable.

Waited for CT results...they showed up and the Doctor said everything checks out. Said to take some Sudafed for my ear and see my Doctor on Monday. Almost time for another dose.

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Ryno said...

Jesus, dude...
I feel for you with the ER experience. Sounds like you had an experience not all that different from Jon Volek in Pittsburgh a few weeks back.
High blood pressure.
Now he's back to his normal routine, drinking beer, yelling at kids, breathing hot metal fumes. He's back to normal.
Good luck buddy!!!