Monday, September 12, 2011

Power Outage...

Minding our own business at work last week and all of a sudden...Darkness...No power. There is quite a bit of demand for electricity when using computers...So that kinda slowed down the progress on any work. We stuck around a little while expecting it to pop right back on like it normally does. After about 45 minutes of sitting around in a dark office we got cut loose. By that time so had everyone else in our little tech triangle. It was bumper to bumper just getting out of our parking lot...not to mention all of the traffic on the side streets and freeways.

We decided to go walkabout and see what we could see. Karl Strauss - Closed - Terrible business decision...Places like that should embrace helping out their neighbors in a time of need. So we cruised down the hill to the liquor store - Closed - I get that one. If looting starts...They usually get jacked first. We were just about to leave when we remembered they have a back door in the alley. We snuck our heads in and told them we needed two 18-packs and we had cash. Pro-Tip: Liquor Stores love cash. Success!

Once we got back to work we immediately sought out higher ground...We set up on top of a hill with a view of all possible routes of invasion. We had a swarm of humongous spiders protecting the East and a poodle to fend off anyone that made it through the initial guard post.

We wrapped up all of our liquid refreshments while waiting for traffic to finally die down and then we all hit the road. Every man for himself. I made it home with out too much trouble. Got home and Megan had the house all decked out in candles and was enjoying a frosty beverage in the backyard.

Megan and I cruised over to our neighbors to see how they were holding up...They were hanging out in the driveway reaping the benefits of Mike's Snap-On truck and all of it's power options. Before we knew it we were blending up margaritas and grilling sausages in the driveway. We had a great time!

I'm not going to lie...I liked having the power gone for a little while. It was fun hanging out with everyone and it was also a good little wake up call on how dependent we are on electricity and the power company.

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