Thursday, June 16, 2011

Avila Beach & The Madonna Inn...

Long over due...

A few weeks back we cruised up the coast to Avila Beach Golf Resort for the California Festival of Beers. Becki rallied us to join them for Patrick's birthday...along with their friends Ryan, Tessa and her dad, Bob. Since we were in the area we decided to shack up @ The Madonna Inn...Awesome place! The service was a little lacking, the door keys never wanted to work and the bar closed @ 11...What bar closes @ 11?!? Other that that I'd say it was pretty solid...I'd go back.

The California Festival of Beers was kinda...Meh. TERRIBLE shuttle set-up and a bunch of college kids doing dumb ass college kid stuffs...I am getting old. As a kid in college who had $75 to spend on a beer festival that only lasted four hours? Not I. Don't get me wrong...Tons of beers to choose from...A beautiful day right by the water...We made the most of it!

After the festival we cruised back to The Madonna Inn for some poolside margaritas then freshened up and headed to downtown SLO for some dinner and drinks. Great little town. I wish we had a few more days just to hang out and explore. Next time!

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