Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Racked Up...Finally...

After much runaround from the gentlemen at Off Road Unlimited they finally got me my Defender roof rack. When I ordered it I was told 4 weeks till I would receive it. Every week or so after the initial month I would call and ask how the rack was coming along. Aaaand I would get..."Oh yea buddy it is at powder coat right now"...then I would get..."Oh yea it's almost ready we are just waiting on center sections".

After about 4 months of and lame excuses and them just telling me what I wanted to hear and telling me "not to worry they were going to throw some stuff in and hook me up"...I got transferred over to the owner of the company. Right of the bat he gave me...The previous "It's at powder coat" excuse, Twice..."Powder coaters were closed for the holidays"..."They couldn't pick it up from powder coat because of the weather(They are in SoCal)"...and then my favorite..."The powder coater is out of their special signature black powder coat". After all of those gems and 6 months the damn thing arrived.

All of those excuses I would have been fine with...Except for the fact that I got the "It's at the powder coaters" excuse 5 times and the "waiting on center sections" excuse 3 times...

It's here now...water under the bridge. Next step getting my lights mounted and calling ORU and asking where my "Hook-Up" is that they promised to throw in for making me wait so long. Imagine that...It wasn't included with my shipment. I am pretty sure they are going to tell me it is at the powder coaters.

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